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TIAA has a number of committees that report in to the Board of Directors. If you are interested in volunteering on any of the committees noted below, please contact the TIAA office at

Alberta Trade Contractors Coalition

This representative serves as a liaison between the Alberta Trade Contractors Coalition and TIAA working towards Prompt Payment legislation.

Alberta Provincial Skills Committee

The purpose of the Skills Committee is to participate in the Alberta Skills Competition event with the goal of promoting the insulator trade. It is also our purpose to recruit workers by making them aware of the opportunities of the insulator trade. This is done by organizing competitors to demonstrate skills required in the trade and to allow onlookers to try an aspect of the trade through the “Try-a Trade” portion.

Committee: Paul Blinzer

Apprenticeship Committee

The purpose of Apprenticeship Committee is to inform the membership of activities and events related to the development of apprentices in Alberta. These duties include reporting on Asbestos Classes, Apprenticeship Classes, Career Fairs, and any other related activities.

Innovators Committee

The Purpose of the TIAA Innovators Committee is to offer a group for next generation professionals and new entrants in the insulation industry a place to network with peers, build leadership skills, gain industry information and provide new ideas to the Board of Directors of TIAA and to the membership of the association in general.

Representative: James Low, Ideal Products
Most recent Innovators Session Minutes

Labour Relations Committee

The Labour Relations Committee reports on manpower issues and concerns in the industry. It follows and reports on project labour demands from year to year. It reports on forecasts of what will be required in the trade for future projects and the need to apprentice more workers.

Social Committee

The North and South Chapter social committees are responsible for organizing 2 – 3 annual social events in their respective chapters. The committee also organizes the annual golf tournament held in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting in Red Deer.

North Chapter Social Committee: David Reburn, Brock White Canada ULC
South Chapter Social Committee: Kelly Archuleta, SPI Canada Distribution Inc.

Division Committees:

Contractor Division

Most recent break-out Session Minutes

Manufacturing Division

Representative: James Low, Ideal Products
Most recent break-out Session Minutes

Suppliers Division

Representative: Kelly Archuleta, SPI Canada Distribution Inc.
Most recent break-out Session Minutes

Calgary Construction Association

Representative: Sasha Cesto, Westcal Insulation Ltd.