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tiaa mechanical insulation specifications in Alberta

Mechanical Insulation Specifications have been developed in conjunction with other thermal insulation associations in Canada and with TIAC. The specifications are used to promote mechanical insulation in all the provinces and meet “National Master Specifications” format. 

Each section has been developed in a three-piece format and is identified in accordance with the Master format jointly produced by Construction Specifications Canada and the Construction Specifications Institute. Sections within the specification include Commercial, Industrial, Firestopping and the Standard Method of Measurement for industrial estimating (Denis Formula). 

Promotion of this specification continues across Canada, with the hope that more and more projects will use this specification. The compilation of the specifications is the product of years of experience and knowledge with respect to all aspects of Industrial and Commercial Mechanical Insulation. 

All member Contractors, Suppliers, and Manufacturers, are listed with the specification information, which is available through TIAC (