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With Gratitude

We extend our gratitude to the honourary members of TIAA for their unwavering dedication and invaluable contributions to the insulation industry.

Your legacy continues to inspire us all.

TIAA proudly recognizes these honourary members.

Bill Book
David Braund
Ken Chan
Maurice Ewanek
Nes Ewanek

Jim Flower
Gerry Germscheid
Bill Haun
Charles Jolicoeur
Ron Martineau

Dieter Mohr
Terry Monette
Eugene Patrick
Curtis Schoepp
Ozzie Sonnenberg

Bo Spellman
Bill Strickland
Erhardt Tutto
John Warning
Murray Wedhorn

In Memoriam - Honourary Members

Bill Berestovy
John Binninger
Lloyd Brown

Gordon Cissell
W.E. Dykeman
Jerry Hanson

Charles Money
George Reddekopp
Ron Richards

Gary Sadler
Gerald Schrader
Doug Wilson