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The object of these scholarships is to recognize and promote the excellence of Alberta Insulator apprentices who are employed by an employer who supports the mechanical insulation industry in Alberta through their membership in the Thermal Insulation Association of Alberta (TIAA)

We wish to encourage and assist recipients to further develop their trade skills by completing their apprenticeship program. Members of TIAA recognize the contributions and benefits received through their support of the Association. We are proud of the contributions of our members and wish to offer the following scholarships to their employees. 

The Thermal Insulation Association of Alberta (TIAA) offers scholarships to insulation apprentices for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year to a maximum of $2,000. Scholarships are awarded three times a year. Some of the other eligibility criteria is as follows (subject to change at any time). 

Application Requirements

Applicants must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or Permanent resident and an Alberta resident.
  • Be a registered Alberta apprentice in the Insulator trade who is or was employed by a contractor member of the Thermal Insulation Association of Alberta (TIAA) during, or just prior to their apprenticeship training period.
  • Have completed their first, second- or third-year period of technical training, and be registered in the next period of technical training.
  • Demonstrate their financial need.
  • Submit a 100-word summary along with any other requirements on the application form.
  • Have their employer complete the “Employer Recommendation and Certification” as outlined in the application.
  • Submit a NAIT or SAIT transcript of marks or copy of government confirmation letter of marks that is sent to all apprentices upon completing a technical training term. Submission deadline is 3 months from completion of training period.

Selection Process

  • Awarded based on submissions received by March 31, July 31, and November 30.
  • Must be submitted within 6 months of finishing their last course.
    Applicants will be selected on a combined evaluation of the eligibility criteria and information required and submitted in the application. Class attendance and attitude may also be included in this evaluation.
  • The TIAA scholarship committee reserves the right to withhold any scholarship in the event that no qualified applicants are received in any particular year. All decisions by the committee are final and not open to appeal.

Download Scholarship Application Form

Download and complete the Application Form and send it to TIAA’s office for submission.